Evocative. Impactful. Audacious. Superblue supports the world’s most innovative artists to bring you experiences that are as meaningful as they are transcendent. These artists push the boundaries of what art can be–delivering powerful experiences meant to be shared.

We give artists the space and the freedom to deliver large-scale immersive installations to be shared and experienced by the many. Our first location, Superblue Miami, is now open. Look out for more of our experiential art centers coming to cities around the world. We invite everyone to experience the inspiring power of Superblue.

Our Team

The power of art is needed now more than ever. That’s why our mission is to amplify artists’ voices on issues that matter to us all. Through collaboration with our founding partner, Emerson Collective, and strategic investor Therme Art, a subsidiary of global wellbeing leader Therme Group, our team combines its deep knowledge of art, audiences, and social change to make a true and lasting impact on how people see and understand the world.