Joanie Lemercier

Studio – Brussels
superblue-joanielemercier-bielanoc 2014-davidhanko

Joanie Lemercier, Fuji, 2013. White Night, Košice, Slovakia, 2014. © Studio Joanie Lemercier. Photo: David Hanko

“Light as a medium, space as a canvas”

© Marine Lecuye

Joanie Lemercier is a French artist working primarily with projections of light in space, often using unconventional screens such as water mist, hand-drawn landscapes or building façades. He was introduced to creating art on a computer at age five by attending classes on pattern design for fabrics taught by his mother. The threads of his early education grounded his interest in physical structures: geometry, patterns, and minimalist forms. As Lemercier’s work evolved, he began to approach formal experiments from the perspective of physics and philosophy, examining how light can be used to manipulate perceived reality. 

Lermercier concerns himself with metaphysical questionsthe relationship between perception and reality, between space and time—and expresses reverence towards the natural world and our place within it. Recently, the artist has brought his passion for climate activism more overtly into his artistic work. His latest, ongoing project consists of a large-scale multimedia installation that seeks to raise awareness about the irreversible damage being done to the ancient forest and villages of Hambach, Germany, due to coal mining. He is also a vocal advocate for more sustainable art-making practices and has been developing internal processes in his studio that allow for artworks to be produced and installed using less resources. 

Over the last 15 years, Lemercier has worked on stage designs, architectural projections, and artistic installations. He has collaborated with artists including Flying Lotus and Portishead’s Adrian Utley, and has been exhibited at the China Museum of Digital Art in Beijing (China), Art Basel Miami (United States) and the Sundance Film Festival (United States), among other venues around the world. The Fundación Telefonica in Madrid hosted his first large solo show in 2021. Since 2013, the artist’s studio in Brussels has been led by independent curator Juliette Bibasse.


Joanie Lemercier, Nebulae, 2019. Sonar +D 2019, Barcelona, Spain. © Studio Joanie Lemercier


Joanie Lemercier, Montagne, Cent Quatorze Mille Polygones, 2016-18. LaMontagne group show, LaVallée, Brussels, Belgium, 2016. © Studio Joanie Lemercier


Joanie Lemercier, The Hambach forest and the Technological Sublime – Once here stood a forest, 2020-ongoing. © Studio Joanie Lemercier


Joanie Lemercier, Brume, 2017-ongoing. La Maison des Lumières, Douarnenez, France, 2018. © Studio Joanie Lemercier


Joanie Lemercier, Brume, 2017-ongoing. Outdoor experiments, Corsica, 2019. © Studio Joanie Lemercier


Joanie Lemercier, Constellations, 2018. LLUM light festival, Barcelona, Spain, 2018. © Studio Joanie Lemercier. Photo: Kyle McDonald