Yiyun Kang

Studio – Seoul
YiyunKang_2022_geofuture 01

Dr. Yiyun Kang is an artist, researcher and educator, working at the intersection of art and technology. Kang’s practice includes large-scale installation, kinetic installation, and site-specific public work that primarily involve immersive moving image and sound. 

Kang seeks to create works that raise critical responses to anthropocentric thinking and dualistic ontologies. Much of Kang’s work is rooted in the idea that we no longer live in an era where binary thinking leads to the linear progress of humanity. Making her work intensively immersive aims to elicit emotional yet thought-provoking experience in the audience and to make her message resonate. 

Trained as a painter for a long time, her shift to digital medium drew Kang to a deep investigation of the medium quality of immersive work. Examining how new technologies reconfigure conventional storytelling sits at the core of her practice. Kang’s work intertwined with her research on digital and physical, immaterial and material, linear and non-linear and space and time. Her theoretical writings on this concern have been published in MIT Press and Oxford University Press. 

Her site-specific large-scale installation conceived as the outcome of her artist residency at the Victoria and Albert Museum has been acquired by the V&A; London in 2018. In 2020, she participated in the transcontinental contemporary art project CONNECT, BTS. Kang’s latest solo exhibition Anthropause took place at PKM Gallery; Seoul in 2021, and her large-scale LED sculpture Origin, commissioned by Jaeger-LeCoultre is travelling to Seoul, Singapore, Chengdu, Zurich and New York in 2023. Kang is an associate lecturer at the Royal College of Art; UK and an assistant professor at KAIST; Korea.