Superblue presents

JR Reality


Building on world-renowned artist JR’s massively successful Inside Out Project, we are creating the foundation for the first AR community network and potentially the largest collective Art project in the world. JR Reality is an interactive platform for people to chronicle their cities through the power of AR. Everyone is invited to attach a portrait and personal memory to a specific location, leaving behind digital touchpoints for others to uncover for years to come. All that’s needed to get started is you and a Smartphone. See you out there!

Head here to download the app for iOS and here for Android users.


JR Reality

Key Features



Powered by you

JR Reality is fueled by you and your community. The stage is yours – speak what’s on your mind and share what matters most to you. See a blank mural? Be the first to get the conversation going and inspire those around you!


A seamless integration of AR Technology

JR Reality features the latest in AR capabilities, leveraging Niantic’s cutting edge developer kit. Users can add their portraits to thousands of ‘living’ murals all around them, creating a digital keepsake capturing you and your voice in that very moment.


Future Updates

• ‘Print’ feature coming soon, allowing users to receive a custom JR print of their AR portrait

• Inside Out-style wall pastings showing up in your city, representing AR murals created in JR Reality

• JR to participate in your murals, so stay tuned!